How it all got started....

Believe it or not Holger and I met here online. By chance I went into a chatroom
Holger says hello and that's how it got started. That was in January 2004.

We clicked the moment we saw each other online we knew there would be
no problems when we met.
He in Tuttlingen, Germany while I was in Rochester, NY.

In April we met for the first time not only was he meeting me he was meeting
my son as well.
Knowing the love we had for each other and that we wanted to spend the rest
of our life together we got engaged that was April 12th. 2004

While he was here in April he visited my family and we did a little sightseeing
visiting Niagra Falls the American and the Canadian sides.

Once back in Germany we started planning Holgers move to the States.
Holger found a great job in New Jersey, he came back in August and relocated
us to New Jersey. Visiting my family in
West Virgina, Missouri and Ohio
while he was here. And of course we visited New York City .

In March 2005 I flew to Germany to meet Holger's family and see his hometown
as well as spending time with him over the Easter. Holger took me on tour.
We visited different parts of Germany: Tuttlingen,Triberg Falls, Stuttgart,
Freiburg and the Castle of Hohenzollern which is behind us on the photo below

We also went to Italy, Switzerland and of course the famous Swiss Alps.

Finally after the long immigration process we were able to be together
July 2005 and were married September 23rd 2005.

We just wanted to share a part of us with you to prove that you can
meet real people online.

Hope you like our site.

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Allison 02/25/2007